Basement Bathroom Renovation

Adding a bathroom your home is a great way to increase its value, utility, and comfort, but it’s essential to make sure the project is completed by a reputable and experienced company like Bathroom Renos in Toronto. With over two decades of experience, Bathroom Renos can handle any challenging project and guarantee for two years that the final result meets your expectations.

One of the biggest benefits of adding a basement bathroom is the increased value it adds to your home. A basement bathroom is considered a desirable feature in any home, and it can significantly increase the overall value of your property. This means that if you ever decide to sell your home, you’ll be able to command a higher price for it, and you’ll be more likely to attract potential buyers.

Another benefit of adding a basement bathroom is the increased utility it provides. Having a bathroom in your basement can be especially convenient for families with children, as it allows for easy access to a bathroom without having to go upstairs. It can also be helpful for hosting guests who may need to use a bathroom during their stay.

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In Home Consultation

In-Home Consultation

"In your in-home consultation, we're all ears for your vision and requirements. Our design consultant will thoroughly assess and measure your space, offering expert suggestions to turn your bathroom into the dream sanctuary you've always wanted.

Planning & Design

We help you plan. specializes in harmonizing design elements such as style, color, and products to craft a beautifully coordinated bathroom that aligns with your budget.
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Demo & Preparation


Once you've selected your perfect products, our professional and friendly team will get your home ready and meticulously dismantle your old bathroom. We take care of all essential repairs and updates needed for the installation, ensuring a seamless and efficient transformation.

Professional Installation

Professional Installation

During your in-home consultation, our design consultant will listen carefully to your needs and wants, then view and measure your space and share ideas for transforming your bathroom into the perfect space of your dreams. And you’ll receive a no-obligation quote at your appointment!